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Understanding the Velo & Spin Rate Screen


  • Top left screen – Shows balls, strikes and outs.
  • Center of screen – Shows pitch velocity and spin rate, automatically imported via the Stalker Pro II + or Pro II S radar guns.
  • Top Right of screen – Shows Innings, # of Pitches, Batters Faced (BF), Strikeout’s (K’s) and Walks (BB)
  • Pitch Buttons – As pitch is thrown user identifies the pitch type by pressing the respective button (FB, CB, CH, SL, Other).
  • Pitch Result Buttons – Batters reaction to pitch thrown.
  • Box – This allows the user to indicate pitch location.
  • Switch Button – This will allow the user to go to the player list and select the next pitcher and be Immediately brought back into the velo & spin rate screen.
  • Tools Button – Brings the user to the pitching tools where the user can input, grades, descriptions and tools comments.
  • There may be times the spin rate is not captured (see for explanation) but the pitching chart accounts for that and if no spin rate is received it will not be counted in order to keep the spin rate avg. accurate.

Pitch types and pitch results are identified by the scout, and entered into the app via the touch screen on the iPhone or iPad.

The app automatically charts, analyzes and builds reports in the background while the scout keeps eyes on the field watching in-game performance and skills beyond the numbers — deception, control, movement, precision, reliable off-speed pitches, etc.


  • Scouts save time.
  • Scouts redeploy time.
  • Reports optimized and ready to email immediately from the ballpark.
  • It’s mobile, portable and affordable.
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