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iProScout Baseball on the Seamheads Saturdays Podcast

seamheads saturdays - draft to the showThis past Saturday (September 8, 2012) owner Tim Rock talked live on the Seamheads Saturdays – Draft to the Show podcast about the iProScout Baseball App.  Tim answered some basic questions asked by host Donn Paris and also walked listeners through a step by step session on how to use all the app features.  The interview starts at 17:00 and continues through the end of the show that lasted 72:25.

Join Donn Parris from 11:00-Noon every Saturday on “Seamheads Saturdays – Draft to the Show” as he delivers the most current information on the nation’s top prospects, and listen in as Donn talks with minor league prospects, baseball professionals and insiders.

Check it out by clicking on the link below:–draft-to-the-show

Giants Scout Creates iPhone App

Baseball America MagazineLast month (March 2012) Baseball America writer Conor Glassey published a news article about the iProScout Baseball iPhone App on the Baseball America website.  Click Here to Read More.

The article may also be found in the Latest Issue of Baseball America Magazine.

An Excerpt:

The app allows scouts to enter biographical information on a player and, as soon as the scout chooses a position for the player, the app prompts the scout to fill out the player’s evaluation card.

For position players, the scout is able to grade out each of the player’s five tools and has fields to choose from descriptive words for several other categories like stance, stroke, power frequency, baserunning instincts, fielding range and more. For pitchers, scouts are able to grade each pitch and control. They also have options to choose from for several categories, some of which include feel for pitching, poise, mound emotions, aggressiveness, arm actions and delivery.

The app automatically calculates the players OFP (with an option for manual adjustments) and gives the scout the option to sort all his players by either name, position or OFP.