Professional Scouting Apps for Every Level of Baseball

Quick Start User Guide

1) Pairing the iProScout Baseball App on your iPhone or iPad to the Stalker Pro II Series radar guns.

A) Download the iProScout baseball app from the App Store.

B) Open the app by pressing on the Players Field

C) At the bottom of the Players page press +Player

D) Enter in the player’s first and last name and press next in the lower right hand corner of the page.

E) Press n the players name and you will be taken to the player’s Bio page, here you can enter in all the players bio information, but for the sake of pairing the iPSB app to the Stalker Pro II series guns just press Position #1 and enter the player as a RHS, RHR, LHS or LHR.

F) At the bottom left hand corner of the page press Scout and you will be taken to the Tools page. Here press on Velo & Spin Rate Pitching Chart.

G) You will now be on the Velo & Spin Rate Pitch Capture screen.

H) Now turn on the Stalker Pro II Series gun and in seconds an alert will pop up asking you to enter in the 4 digit code shown in the alert. Enter in the code and press pair at the bottom right page of screen.

I) The iPSB App and the Stalker Pro II Series gun are now paired.

J) From this point all you do is point the gun at the pitcher and the velo only (Pro II + radar gun) or the velo & Spin rate (Pro II S radar gun) will be reflected in the top center of screen and as the pitch is thrown the user presses the type of pitch, the pitch result and the pitch location. Automatically the information is imported in the background into the Chart (see upper right hand corner of screen) that can be viewed at any time. The chart can also be emailed in an instant in both HTML and CSV format (Database).

Understanding the Velo & Spin Rate Capture Screen

Chart pitchers with computing power, speed and automation – turn a time intensive job into fast work and produce automated game analysis and reports including pitch counting, charting and pitch by pitch VELO & SPIN RATE -capture via wireless technology using the Stalker Radar NEW Pro II series radar guns. Don’t stay tethered to your radar gun! Leave the radar gun behind the plate in your holder and you can see the pitcher from the open side or the batter and still receive the velo and now the spin rate too in the iPSB app and record each pitch.

Entering new players and collecting important player bio information

You ever hand your card to a player of interest and ask him to jump on the computer when he gets home and email his bio information to you yet he never sends it to you?

Well by handing the player your iphone and ask him if he could please enter his name and then fill in his bio information they gladly oblige and in seconds you have the players information in your pocket before you even leave the ballpark.

Most Scouts in order to begin to write up a player in their respective systems need to have the email address and some even require the cell # on the player so it becomes even more valuable to have the players bio information now instead of having to wait for it or worse never receive it.

Understanding the Players Screen
The Players screen can be sorted in a number of ways that are very valuable to the Scout, Coach or Recruiter, as you will see at the bottom of the players page.

+ Player – Here you can add a player.

Last – Allows you to sort your list by Last name.

OFP – Allows you to sort by OFP. Based upon the grades you input on a player. When OFP is pushed it will show you the round or rounds and the slot bonus money this player should expect to be drafted in and the bonus amount to be paid based upon the grades you input.

Pos – Allows you to sort by position.

DEY – Allows you to sort by Draft Eligible Year (DEY)
How many times have you seen a player for a future draft year and don’t have the time to focus on him now but want to follow him and get his info? With the iPSB app you can easily collect his bio information by handing the player your iphone and ask if he could input his bio info and his DEY for you. Now, at any time if you want to see or your supervisor asks with a press of the DEY button you can see prospects for upcoming years. Let the player do the work, you get the credit. No more disappointment.

# – Allows you to sort based upon uniform number.

Here you will see your player list and you have the options to, press on the players name you have already entered and you will be brought to the Tools page for the player where you can enter in grades and comments, or press + player to add a player. Based on the position or positions you enter for the player the corresponding tool set will be reflected once you select Scout. If the player is a pitcher the pitching tools page will be reflected, if the player is a position player those tools will be reflected and if the player is a two-way player both sets of tools will be reflected.

All tools information is push button as you can see by the example below:
Press on Hit then the next page enables you to press on the stance and you can repeat this for all tools. You even have the ability to enter comments via 3 methods, 1) type the comments in yourself, 2) press on the tools descriptions that describe the players tools (the phrases range from 20 to 80 in the grading scale) and 3) press the microphone to the left of the space bar in the keyboard and use the speak & type feature.

All comments are automatically imported into the Player Report. No re-typing information.

Scouts evaluate position players and pitchers, input tool grades and comments via coined phrases or the speak & type feature, etc. — as soon as the scout inputs information the app begins organizing, analyzing, building reports. By the time the game is over, reports can be virtually done. You can even jump in your car and utilize drive time to open up the summation section for the player and press the microphone and use the speak & type feature to input your thoughts on the player while he is still fresh in your mind.

When the scout arrives home or at the hotel they can edit and make final comments. They can email the reports to themselves and copy and past the information directly into their respective organizations scouting reports database. Reduce report writing time.

You can generate a report on the player every time you see the player and the report will be updated when you press Create Player Report again. This will give you history on the player so you can monitor the player’s development.

Collect valuable player data – Use the pen system on your ipad to input players or complete team rosters with ease and access the drop downs to instantly input information on every player.

You can create Teams here and then in the bio page attach a player to the team so when you are scouting by team all the players will be listed and easily selected.

Settings allows you to remove the paired Stalker Gun in the event you want to pair another Stalker radar gun e.g. going from the Stalker Pro II + to the Stalker Pro II S.