Professional Scouting Apps for Every Level of Baseball


Believe it or not, the iPhone in your pocket has more computing power than Apollo astronauts carried to the moon.
Powered by iProScout, your iPhone becomes a “Personal Scouting Assistant.” Designed by a scout, and tested by scouts, iPSB apps move at the speed of the game, working on the field helping record player information. On a parallel path, the app analyzes and organizes information, and automatically begins to write reports.

Computing power and speed enable efficiency and automation
iProScout leverages the speed and computing power of iPhones and iPads to increase efficiency and save time with everything a scout does: from organizing the scouting day to automating the writing of reports; from sorting prospects by OFP to forecasting draft rounds and signing bonuses.

Create Reports Automatically
Scouts evaluate position players and pitchers, input biographical information, grade skills, etc. — as soon as the scout inputs information the app begins organizing, analyzing, building reports. By the time the game is over, reports are virtually done. The scout presses “Reports” adds summations, and reports are complete.

Chart pitchers with computing power, speed and automation – turn a time intensive job into fast work and produce automated game analysis and reports including pitch counting, charting and pitch by pitch VELO-capture.

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