Professional Scouting Apps for Every Level of Baseball


The dream of a HS athlete is to be recruited by a college or pro scout.
And, the #1 question scouts are asked is, “how do you measure pro potential?”

The iProScout app is built to improve the scouting process using iPhones and iPads to save time throughout the scouting process — from organizing the scout’s work day, to in-game scouting and writing reports. Every measure of baseball skill, for position players and pitchers is included in the app. These are the scouting tools used by every pro scout and college recruiter. These are the tools they use to ID and evaluate college level players and pro prospects.

For the High School Coach the app can be used as a player development tool.
For the Parent and Player, the app can be used as a player development and progress guide.

Does your team follow specific pitch counting guidelines? Does your team pitch chart?
The app also includes “Pitch Counting” to comply with consensus guidelines on limits for in-game pitching, and days of rest between assignments. Both counting and charting use the iPhone or iPad — each pitch is charted by type, velocity, balls and strikes, etc., and full game analysis and reports are created automatically at the push of a button post-game.

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