Professional Scouting Apps for Every Level of Baseball


“I’ve heard this before, but come on — more computing power is on the smartphone in my pocket than was on NASA’s Apollo spacecraft? Is this really true? Yes, you carry more computing power in your pocket than astronauts carried to the moon.”

iProScout apps puts the power of the iPhone/iPad to work for College Scouting/Recruiting.
iProScout improves the scouting process by using iPhones/iPads to eliminate the need for (the majority of) pencil & paper scouting, saving time with everything from pre-game organizing to in-game scouting to report writing.

The app organizes and analyzes scouting input, and builds reports while scouts, scout.
Recruiters and scouts observe the skills of position players and pitchers during the game and input pertinent grades and comments. As soon as grades and comments are input, the app starts the process of organizing and analyzing the information and building player reports. By the time the game is over (or scouting session ends) reports are complete, except for summations. The scout then presses “Reports” adds the summations and the reports are email ready.

The same iPhone that provides GPS directions to the ballpark and forecasts the weather, NOW help scouts and recruiters write comprehensive scouting reports.

Do you chart pitchers?
The app also includes paperless Pitch Charting for Player Development and Advance Scouting.
Charting is performed using iPhone or iPad — pitches are charted by type, velocity, balls and strikes, etc. etc., and full game analysis & reports are created automatically.

Note: Colleges and Universities compete with pro scouts for the same talent, and evaluate and grade the same skills. iProScout apps are exactly the same for College and Pro Level.

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