Professional Scouting Apps for Every Level of Baseball

Tools For The Front Lines of Scouting

The Scouting world has evolved over the years with Clubs Scouting departments requiring their scouts to include more detailed information about players scouted. Reports can include (each teams may have different information required in their scouting reports), not only evaluations of a players tools, make-up and medical information, but also include in K’s and BB’s , swings and misses, etc. etc. Along with the scouting reports, scouts need to report in almost on a daily basis schedules and dates for their supervisors so they know where and when to see a player. And some are even given larger territories to cover. All this information required by the Scouting departments makes life easier for the scouting department. Scouting departments have provided their scouts with laptops so they can do their reporting, but scouts don’t bring their laptops to the games. iProScout Baseball is a tool that was designed to take the place of the pocket-scouting books most scouts carry to jot down information on each player.

Finally a tool that scouts can use right at the front lines of scouting “At the Field”.

iProScout Baseball was designed so user-friendly that we believe the only directions a scout would need to get started, other then putting in their log-in information, is to include the players position.