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MophieAs a part time scout that is out and about constantly, and using my iPhone, I stumbled upon a product that is a must have if you have an iPhone or Android phone. To get to the point, if you don’t want to wait for the story, go to  Now how it happened. I was at a scouting event and one scout was pissed his phone was out of charge, but then another scout said use my Mophie! I was like what? Well the Mophie is like an iPhone or Android phone case that includes a seperate battery from the phone that can be used to charge back up your phone. I will say no more. It’s a must have and I am off the get one now.

Tim Rock
iProScout Baseball

Phoenix Bats

Phoenix BatsI am very pleased with representing and recommending Phoenix Bats, from the quality, to the quality customer service attention. They are always there when I call and always respond to any need asap. If you are looking for quality baseball bats that are being used more and more by Major league, Minor league, College, High School and Scout teams all over, go to

Current players using the Phoenix Bats are Miguel Cabrera, Magglio Ordonez, Billy Butler and Minor leaguers Mason Williams , Brandon Guyer, Daniel Fields and many recently drafted and signed college and high school players. See for yourself and go to I am sure you will be more then satisfied!

Tim Rock
iProScout Baseball

New iProScout Baseball Features Are Coming in August 2012

New iProScout Baseball Features Are Coming in August 2012

Friday July 13, 2012

We are proud to announce that iProScout Baseball is working on some awesome new features that will be released in August 2012.

App Features:

– The original iPhone App is being converted to a Universal iPhone/iPad App.  This means that when you install the app on your iPad you will be able to take advantage of native iPad layouts and functionality.

– We’re adding a Team Sheet scouting feature.  The team sheet will allow users to view and edit a whole team roster and player details on one easy to read screen.  It’s perfect for scout days.  The native iPad team sheet view will make it easier to scroll through a whole team roster holding the iPad in the landscape position.- We’re working on a feature that will allow subscribers to download complete team rosters.

Website Features:

– We’re adding tools that allow subscribers to input data from home through a web browser on their laptop or PC.  These features will allow users to be “locked and loaded” before they enter the park.  This will allow users to update app data before they leave from home or hotel or wherever they may be.

– We’re creating tools that allow subscribers to manage players, teams, team sheets, scouting and reports.

– We’re working on tools that will allow subscribers to import team rosters without having to enter basic team information.

– We’re working on creating an online database of current team rosters that subscribers can import into their player database.

– We’re working on creating tools that will allow for easy copy and paste capabilities from team/school website roster info to the website input fields. These features save time and typing.

Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.   This information makes iProScout Baseball the best time saving tool at the field.

iProScout Baseball is the ultimate Professional Mobile Baseball Scouting Application.


Tim Rock
iProScout Baseball

PS – Apple offers some great payment options for subscribers looking to purchase a new iPad: