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iProScout Baseball Automated Pitcher Charting – 2020 season

VELOCITY and SPIN RATE – Stalker engineers have delivered what other sport radars can’t – SPIN RATE from a hand-held sport radar gun.

One of the most important pitch analytics, SPIN RATE is now provided along with peak and across-the-plate VELO, all in a single window. No delay, no estimations, simple measurements.

Scouts ID each pitch by type and results while the app auto-charts and builds reports.

Scouts save time with everything from bio/contact information to automated pitch charting to writing reports.

Chart by individual player or team-sheet.

Don’t be anchored behind home plate anymore! Wireless technology lets you can leave the gun in the holder behind home plate so you can roam either side of the diamond while still monitoring every pitch!

The iProScout Baseball app with automated pitcher charting designed to meet the specs of Pro and Amateur Scouts, Scouting Directors, Cross-checkers, College Coaches and Recruiters, etc.

Mobile / Paperless / Portable / Affordable

Velocity / Spin Rate / Automated Pitcher Charting

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