Professional Mobile Baseball Scouting Software
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    PC4 Pitch Counter / Pitcher Charting

    iProScout Baseball PC4 App – EZ to use for Coaches, Parents, Players and truly mobile in your hand, on your iPhone, at the field!

    The PC4 app works at all levels of baseball from little leagues, to high school, to college and beyond. One app for all your pitching needs. Use it to pitch count and pitcher charting. You can include as little or as much pitch data as you want.

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  • Now Available
    Velo Capture Pitcher Charting

    The current release to the iProScout Baseball App includes a new feature to capture pitch data and pitch velocity. It doesn’t matter what radar gun or radar device is used. Data includes balls, strikes, outs, pitch type, velocity, ground outs, fly outs, errors, and much more. Generate Detailed Reports.
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  • The iProscout Baseball Universal App allows Professional Baseball Scouts, College Recruiters, Scout Team Recruiters and anyone interested in evaluating baseball talent to easily enter scout data directly on their iPhone and iPad.   

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  • Video Tutorials

    Learn how to use all the features of the iProScout Baseball Apps. Narrated by Scout Tim Rock. You can watch anytime and anywhere on the website or inside the library section in the iProScout Baseball App!  

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    Capture the velocity for each pitch from the radar gun automatically and pitch chart like a Pro!

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  • As promised ...

    As subscribers continue to sign up we will continue to reduce the monthly cost so as many people can use the iPSB app as possible.

    We have reduced the monthly fee to $4.99.

    So continue to spread the word so we can help you save
    more while continuing to add new features to help you scout.

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Professional Scout
Creator of iProScout Baseball apps

I perform 100% of my scouting using iPhones and iPads powered by iPSB apps (I only use hand written notes for very large showcase events).
Scouting with an iPhone and/or iPad powered by iPSB is smarter scouting ~ my phone becomes my virtual assistant, my work product is automated, I have anywhere-anytime access to my scouting information & player profiles, I can communicate completed reports from anywhere, including the ballpark, I save a ton of time for more scouting and for my own life ~ “priceless.”

iPSB apps are EZ to Learn ~ EZ to Use

IPSB apps are designed to work in real time for scouts, the way scouts scout at the ballpark, doing everything scouts do now, only faster and better.

The apps save time pre-game, in-game and post game. Time is saved with everything from in-putting information to writing reports. This means more time with “eyes on the field.” It also means scouts can leave the ballpark at the end of the day, knowing their work is just about done.

Imagine using the iPSB “speak & type” feature to record “hands-free” your thoughts on the player you just saw as your drive home or to the next game!

The iPSB app stores your player profiles, automates report writing, creates player preference lists ~ all at the push of a button, always accessible on your iPhone/iPad.

This is the tip of the iceberg. We will be introducing another app (complimentary not redundant) in the near future ~ to save you even more time and further improve your scouting performance.

The Leading Edge of Baseball Scouting Technology

‘A tool to replace the pocket-scouting books scouts use to record information on each player.’

With iProScout, scouts can do everything at the ballpark using iPhones and iPads: team sheets, player profiles, field of play simulations, calculations, analysis & report writing. Scouting reports can be emailed from the ballpark, anytime-anywhere.

Built for scouts, by a scout, iProScout is mobile, paperless and user-friendly. With software that streamlines information entry and report writing, scouts have more time to focus with eyes on the field. Scouts become more efficient/effective at the ballpark, and no longer need to spend time & energy on ‘homework’ compiling reports from handwritten notes after the game.

The iProScout system works at every level… amateur, pro, advance, and international scouting. The benefits for scouts and their scouting organizations are a ‘cost efficient’ streamlining of the scouting process, better reports, and better communication.

The iProScout system can also be customized to meet any organization-specific scouting needs, and it’s password-protected to keep proprietary information & analysis confidential.

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