Professional Mobile Baseball Scouting Software

  • The iProscout Baseball Universal App allows Professional Baseball Scouts, College Recruiters, Scout Team Recruiters and anyone interested in evaluating baseball talent to easily enter scout data natively on their iPhone and iPad.   

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  • The Scouting world has evolved over the years with Clubs Scouting departments requiring their scouts to include more detailed information about players scouted.

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  • Yes, scouts will still be scouting in the future, while their GM’s may carry universal scouting devices in their pockets.

    The art of the scout is also seeing the future, beyond the numbers.

    After technology measures everything it can measure, what still need to be factored into the equation are the intangibles of the athlete – drive, dedication, competitiveness and clutch-play.

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  • To access dictation for any text field just tap on the microphone button in the bottom left of the keyboard. Speech to text functionality is available on devices that have access to Siri. Siri is available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, and iPod touch (5th generation). Siri requires an internet connection for all of its functionality.

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  • Scouting technology will continue to grow in importance as the information being managed multiplies, and as the ways to evaluate talent evolve. A scouts ‘fantasy’ would be to have a single, universal device that performs every scouting function: radar gun, stopwatch, super hi-def video camera, augmented reality simulator, data analyzer, report-writer, and communication link.

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The Leading Edge of Baseball Scouting Technology

‘A tool to replace the pocket-scouting books scouts use to record information on each player.’

With iProScout, scouts can do everything at the ballpark using iPhones and iPads: team sheets, player profiles, field of play simulations, calculations, analysis & report writing. Scouting reports can be emailed from the ballpark, anytime-anywhere.

Built for scouts, by a scout, iProScout is mobile, paperless and user-friendly. With software that streamlines information entry and report writing, scouts have more time to focus with eyes on the field. Scouts become more efficient/effective at the ballpark, and no longer need to spend time & energy on ‘homework’ compiling reports from handwritten notes after the game.

The iProScout system works at every level… amateur, pro, advance, and international scouting. The benefits for scouts and their scouting organizations are a ‘cost efficient’ streamlining of the scouting process, better reports, and better communication.

The iProScout system can also be customized to meet any organization-specific scouting needs, and it’s password-protected to keep proprietary information & analysis confidential.

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